WE SPECIALIZE IN GEO-REFERENCED DATA CAPTURE using metric cameras paired with high precision GPS/INS to produce imagery with ultra-high resolution and geometric fidelity. We are one of the most respected vendors in the management of change – photo capture space. Our vast nationwide network of fixed wing and drone pilots are highly trained with specialized knowledge in each industry we serve.

WE DELIVER THE DATA THAT MATTERS- NO MORE- NO LESS. Too much data is overwhelming. Our technology delivers your data in a usable, easily accessible format. We provide reporting with levels of urgency, Our clients get the essential information they need to make informed decisions- fast.

Wesley Palmer, CP, CMS, GISP

Geospatial Manager, HGA

Air Data Solutions is a great company that produces quality results. They are efficient in their work and will go above and beyond to find the solution to meet your project needs. I have been pleasantly surprised with their ability to get projects acquired quickly and in adverse weather conditions. The turnaround time for the deliverable is impressive and in some cases, I have my data within hours after collection. I have had a great experience working with the ADS team and I would recommend