Air Data Solutions is a company made up of experts. Our founder, Don Cummins, was a pilot for years before realizing that there was a need in the aviation space for aerial mapping expertise with data focused delivery. He built ADS to service this need in an industry where too much data is EVERYONE’S problem. He along with his team have created software and systems to supply our clients with exactly what they need, no more no less. That is what we pride ourselves on more than anything else.

Our pilots have commercial airline ratings but their passion for data collection and aerial imagery brought them to us. Our elite staff includes Brigadier General Tony Tata, who has decades of experience overseeing military drone operations in Afghanistan and  other active military sites around the world. We have PHD Kevin Price on staff, Faculty Emeritus, Agronomy, Kansas State University. He oversees our agriculture and crop operations and outreach.


Air Data Solutions has an extensive state-of-the-art fleet of piloted and unmanned aircraft (drones). Our pilots are FAA trained and our drone pilots are rated to operate numerous drone models including specialized drones capable of completing long missions with eight hour uninterrupted flight times.

Our pilots are based nationwide allowing us to deploy and be on site as fast as possible.

18,950 UAV Missions 100
4,400 Manned Missions 100
1,200 River Miles Mapped 100
1,570 Laser Scan Projects 100
384,000 ROW Miles Patrolled 100
200,000+ Deer Counted 100

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