Air Data Solutions highly experienced right-of-way and large area mapping team utilizes the latest camera sensor technology and image processing techniques to provide efficient and accurate field ready imagery. 

 Air Data Solutions’ sensor platform includes piloted aircraft equipped with the Phase One 4-band RGB (red, green, blue) and Near Infrared (NIR) aerial mapping cameras. The sensor array for this camera is 11,608 x 8708 pixels yielding highly detailed images of over 100 mp for the RGB and 100 mp for the NIR, totally ~200 mp per 4-band dataset. For highly accurate geo-positioning, we integrate PPK differentially corrected GPS coordinated that are calibrated to the camera sensor. The locational accuracy is further augmented using highly precise Applanix POS AVX 210 IMU corrections that are also calibrated to the camera sensor. The nadir viewing integrity of the cameras iscontrolled using a Somag DSM 400 gyro stabilization mount in which the entire camera sensor system is housed.