Project Description

Over 10,000 miles patrolled and reported on monthly

Air Data Solutions currently patrols nearly 10,000 miles of pipeline ROW every month. Our experienced pilots fly each line as specified in the contract between the client and Air Data Solutions. During flights our pilots record any abnormalities that are observed along the line, such as encroachment, equipment, erosion, excavation, leaks or potential leaks, and more. During flight, if abnormalities are detected, pilots are instructed to contact client supervisor immediately to make them aware of conditions observed with exact GPS coordinates. After the flights have been completed, pilots will email their flight data including; name of the line flown, start/stop time, abnormalities detected, photos of conditions observed, and KMZ file. All data is compiled to generate a patrol report that is provided to person/person’s responsible for reporting process.

Reports are customized to client specified format and are saved on reporting agents desktop as well as an external drive. All data is stored indefinitely and can be accessed within minutes for production purposes or for audit purposes.